How to Start Working Out

“ Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.”, Jerry Rice.

So you know all of the benefits and want to get started but never really worked out before? Or you just want to try and don’t know how t get started.

Here I am to give you some tips and advice.

Knowing your “Why” helps a lot

This is a huge part to stay motivated and consistent.

Are you doing it to lose weight? Do you want to be stronger? Or to have a more firm and tightened body? Is it to treat a health condition?

Define your reason why.

Define a reason why, and it will help you stay on track!

Invest in Some Gear

Nothing crazy, but make sure you have a comfortable pair of shoes, and appropriate and comfortable outfit to wear. You will need more than one t-shirt/top and pants to use when the other ones are in the washing machine!

You might need a sport bra or workout tank for women.

Start by scheduling you workout for the week

If you’re just getting started, twice a week is a beginning. Make it a goal to get those 2 workouts done no matter what. 

Find the right time, following your work, classes, or other plans during the week.

Write that down, and make Sur to consider it as an appoint, you have to go, you have to do it!

Start small, get used to it, and then start having longer workouts.

With time it will seem as if it is getting easier but it is not, it is just you getting stronger! 😉

Find your type of workout

There are endless types of workout. Find the one you enjoy or that will help you accomplish your goal or reason why defined earlier.

I would recommend researching the web in general, but what helped me most is Pinterest. That is where I have found different types of workouts with images of how to do it, and what muscles it works on. If it is to lose weight you also have different type of recommendations.

Example of workout guides you can find online or on Pinterest.

That being said, I have also researched the web a lot, especially website with scientific definitions, explaining and proving why and how this movement or exercise helps.

Example of a quick workout for beginners.

Take your time, research. Also following workout people accounts helps a lot I feel. This just a personal thing, seeing their body and results, or even their transformation is a huge motivation!

Avoid doing Too Much

So you are excited and happy, and wants to go big, or just do more and more everytime. Well be careful. Some days you will be tired, or not in  your best mood, and that is when a big r too much of a workout is going to be hard to keep up with.

Doing too much might push you to quit or skip a session more quickly.

Don’t do too much, even if it is a 20 minutes session. Keep up with it for at least 3 months, that is the time needed for it to become a habit. If you feel like adding more or doing more in between, it’s ok, but not too much, and be careful to have a “basic” workout that you will get done no matter what at every session.

I hope that will help you get started. I would love to hear from you, do you workout or not? And if you do how did you get started?

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2 thoughts on “How to Start Working Out

  1. I started working out regularly a few years ago because I finally figured out my true “why”. I realized that losing weight or looking good just weren’t motivational enough for me and what eventually made it so much easier to accomplish is that my “why” had changed. My “why” became the fact that I needed to take care of myself to be able to be there for the ones I love. Working out made me feel better, put me in a better mood, and overall gave me confidence that I was looking out for my health and that was a major breakthrough in the way I started to approach it.
    Although I must admit, I have been too preoccupied to schedule a workout into my days lately and reading this has been a great reminder to gradually work it back into my routine.

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    1. I love this! Your reasons “why” and way of thinking are great. Same here by the way lately I have been so busy that I have been working less than the usual, but still do, and getting back at it stronger. Sending you all the motivation and good vibes that you need!


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