Classic Movie Places in Los Angeles

“Los Angeles is like a beauty parlor at the end of the universe.”, Emily Mortimer

Hollywood is kind of the headquarter of the Entertainment industry, and more specifically Movies. It has been for a long time now the number one spot for film sets and locations.

Here are some of the most famous place in LA, worth a visit!

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

This historical hotel seems to has been here forever.

The Roosevelt Hotel.

This is where were hosted the first Academy Awards ceremony in 1929.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel has also been the location of many films and shows, like the 1988 film “Sunset” starring Bruce Willis and James Garner. Also the 1989 film “The Fabulous Baker Boys” with Michelle Pfeiffer and Jeff Bridges.

One notable story, is that Marylin Monroe herself lived at the hotel for 2 years! That was at the beginning of her carreer, and that is where she met her husband at the time, the famous playwright Arthur Miller.

Marylin Monroe at the Roosevelt Hotel.
Marylin Monroe posing at the swimming pool of the Hotel.

In 2007, Prince has performed his legendary 5 shows at the hotel, including a 2 hour performance , and a post-set jazz jam.

Santa Monica Pier

As an iconic California landmark, iconic movies have also been filmed in there.

The Santa Monica Pier.

Iron Man“, “Forrest Gump“, and the 1973’s film “The Sting” , a classic with Robert Redford and Paul Newman were all shot over there at some point.

The Pier at night.

Venice Beach

The famous and trendy Venice Beach was original created in 1905 to mirror its Italian namesake.

It has since

Venice Beach.

transformed into a mix of street performers, surfers, skateboarders with its famous Skatepark, and body builders working out on Muscle Beach. You can also find at any time artists filming their musics videos, and top models doing their photoshoot.

Many celebrities and Hollywood movie stars love to hangout in there, and many of them have even bought houses in Venice.

Venice sign.

The famous “Grease” was filmed in Venice, with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. “Hollywood Story” with Julie Andrews was also shot over there.

The 1994 film “Speed” starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock was set over there too.

Griffith Observatory

That location was the most recognizable recently in the Oscar winning movie “La La Land” starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

La La Land scene at the Griffith Observatory.

The famous scene of the knife between James Dean (Jim) and Corey Allen (Buzz) in the 1955 classic “Rebel Without a Cause” was also set over there.

The Griffith Observatory.

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

The most famous appearance of the theatre is undoubtedly in the opening scene of the 1952 musical “Singing in the Rain”, one of the Hollywood’s all-time classics.

The Grauman Chinese Theatre.

The location is currently called the TCL Chinese Theatre, even if it is still referred to as the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, and it is still the place of many film premieres.

It is also famous for its celebrities’ hand and footprints; every Hollywood star has been there.

Hand and Footprints at the Grauman Chinese Theatre.

Personally I love all of those sites, they are kind of my favorites. Griffith Observatory is I think the best place to see the Hollywood sign, and has an amazing view on all of LA city, a great place to watch an amazing sunset on the city.

LA view from the Griffith Observatory.

There are so many other ones, those are just a few. Which other place where many film locations were set do you think would be interesting to add to the list?

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    1. Yes! I love the Griffith Observatory, wether to visit, have the best view on the city, the Hollywood sign, or the sunset, it is just a great place to go to!


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