How to start eating Healthier

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.” – Buddha

We have a duty to take care of our health so we can be ready to face the challenges of our life. Yes we have so much to do everyday, without even talking about unexpected events, or particular situations (like now? Tell me about it!).

You need to be strong, motivated, and full of energy to get it all done efficiently! Being healthy is the basis of it all! Here are some tips to help you get started.

Search and read about your reasons why

You want to be healthier? Ask yourself what are the main benefits your are looking for. Start searching and reading about it, inform yourself. All of it will motivate you and convince you even more to start your new journey as soon as possible!.

Start Fresh

It is time for a purge! Purge of the fridge and your pantry, from unhealthy food. Set a start date, so you have time to finish or get rid of the junk food.

From junk food to healthy food.

Also we all need a little bit of snacks or cheat days in our life! Soooo, I would say keep all of it in one and same place, on its own so you do not have to see it whenever you’re in the kitchen or grabbing something. Make choices and just have a few items, not a closet so full of snacks!

Start buying healthier items. Do not be afraid to try new food. You will have more options, and with time you will get used to healthier choices.

Have a to-do list

I cannot live without it! That is how I get things done. I have many ones, but what I would recommend is to start with a notepad, a very simple one.

Plan in advance your meals.

Every evening, set your goals for the coming day, write down everything that you have and want to do, in the right order. You can even go with the details, as what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It will help you so much, you will just have to follow it the next day.

Plan ahead

Make plans of the time you want to allocate to work out, and also to cook and prepare your meal. When you schedule things in advance, it is easier to stick to it. Make a list of what you are going to cook, and the basics you need at all time in your house, so you can have a grocery list ready, and make sure you follow your plan.

Prepare your Grocery list.
Plan and make your grocery list before going to the grocery store. So you can go straight to what you need at the store and there is less temptation.

Set realistic Goals

Define what you want, and be specific! Also don’t be too hard on yourself, if you need to eat less sugar for example, don’t give up on all of the snacks and sweets you like all at once! You will not be able to keep up with it. Start for example by saying that you will allow yourself to eat dessert 4 times a week instead of every day of the  week. Or by allowing yourself to have something sweet only in the morning, and not throughout the whole day. Start small, get used to it, and then set bigger goals.

Hope these tips will help you get started. More to come! Please post in the comment section any question you would have, and let me know what recommendation would you like me to write more or know more about?

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2 thoughts on “How to start eating Healthier

    1. OMG first of all congrats for your loss of weight! You are right about tracking your daily consumption, I feel it makes you aware of the quantity and everything you are eating. Thanks for the idea Maggie! :))


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