Surround Yourself with Positive People

Be picky about who you keep around you. Personalities, words, and traits do rub off naturally.”

Surrounding yourself with positive energy is really a basic. Believe me, it is really important and also life changing.

Positive energy comes from within, but also from outside. You are surrounded by the Universe and its people, and objects, buildings, talk, and everything else wether you want it or not.

You want to work on yourself? Or have everything you want and accomplish your goals? Or you want just to be happy? Surrounding yourself with positive people throughout your life will provide you exactly that.

Positive people compliment you, push you and encourage you to grow and become the best version of yourself. They believe in you, and that will give you more confidence, it will make you feel better and so it will motivate you to get things done and do even more. It is one of the factor that will lead you to achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams.

Before going on the hunt of surrounding yourself with good people, you also need to be aware of a few things.

Believe in yourself.

People can sense if you believe in yourself or not, if you are sure about what you want in life, if you are confident or not. At least start by working trying to look like you do, fake it until you make it they say. It starts with little things, like don’t be hesitant when saying what you want to achieve, just state it and be confident about it.

Forgive freely.

Holding resentment towards people or even yourself is negative energy. It will never serve you or help you with anything. It will just hold you back and attract negative people and experiences to you.

Don’t forget that likes attract likes.

Positive people attract positive everything.

Be the kind of amazing person you want to see around you.

Now start first by cutting off people negative people from your life. Stop arguing with them, don’t reach out to them, stop hanging with people that do not make you feel good. Unfollow or mute everything you do not like on your social media. Once again it starts with little things.  

Then to attract those positive people and their energy.

Put yourself in places where they hang out. Research about it, try to go to events or get into clubs where those people are. 

Focus on giving value, not taking value. Try to always compliment people, make them feel better and confident. Encourage people, listen to them genuinely. Someone once said try to always leave the person happier than when you found her, and it always sticked to my mind.

Hire or Follow a Coach

Motivational speakers can really give you that boost that you need, and also all kind of recommendations you need, and ideas you would have never thought about. Personally I love Robin Sharma! I follow him on instagram, Twitter, but I knew him the first place from his famous books and Youtube videos, about different subjects. He gives amazing advice and I would recommend anyone to check him out. You also have so many others, just start by searching for it, on Youtube for example.

Never forget, you are enough, and before finding others to support you, you have to find yourself and support yourself. I have worked a lot in the past years on my surroundings, and it has truly changed everything! 

Have you ever thought or worked on your surroundings? 

And if you did I would love to know how!

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Actress. Model. Living in LA.

4 thoughts on “Surround Yourself with Positive People

  1. That is so true! Also sometimes we don’t realize how toxic people are and how this environment get us down, especially when close people are changeing from supportive soulmates to the opposite.

    Furthermore it is also exciting to know that you lovely gia are always happy ,positive and firece. Love your posts and your Energy that you are spreading:*
    Looking forward for more inspiring words of you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Angie!!!!🥰 Thank you! You’re so adorable and you, my dear, are a source of amazing positive energy, always that smile on your face, full of energy, shining and the sweetest person! Definitely in the « positive people »team club, so happy to have you around!💗


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